RDO Equipment Co.

CFI is right for me because they care about providing a solution to the farm, to myself and to the company, and I know they stand behind themselves and their quality.

  • Woody Fenley
  • RDO Equipment Co.

“CFI has changed my daily operations. I know that they’re going to give me the best price and the best solution. … I use them as my single source of custom wheel-tire combinations; I don’t look to use anyone else because of the service and time they give back to me, and the quality is bar-none.”

—Woody Fenley, RDO Equipment Co.

Woody Fenley manages ag equipment and irrigation sales at RDO in Salinas, California, and has relied on CFI for more than eight years to find the wheel and tire solutions farmers need to grow a diverse range of specialty crops. Our solutions help Woody and his customers increase their bottom lines and keep their operations rolling, no matter their crop, what machine they drive or how they use it.

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