John Deere DB120 Planter

Lower Compaction

After we saw strips where the corn wasn’t growing as well. That’s when we called CFI. I’ve known CFI my entire life and I knew they would help me. That’s when we switched everything to IF tires to run lower inflation.

  • Lowell Garrett

John Deere DB120 Planter

On a family farm, you need help you can depend on. Which is why, when Lowell Garret began having issues with his corn, he turned to a company he knew he could trust. All of us here at CFI were happy to help Lowell get the equipment he needed to elevate his yield. Whether it was for the 9630 wheel tractor he uses for planting or the two 9560 RTs he uses for tillage, we called upon our decades of expertise to keep him rolling. Switching his old tires to IF tires allowed us to lower inflation, reduce compaction and helped him increase his revenue over $100,000 in one year. Now his fields are green again and yields have recovered.

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