Here you will find some of our clients’ success stories. Please take a moment and read what they had to say about our solutions and how it helped them. You can also view the full testimonial and watch a video for select customers.

  • Chaffin Farms

    If you’re looking for specialty stuff, that’s made right and bolts on, CFI is a company you can work with.

    • Ben Chaffin & Mark Chaffin
    • Chaffin Farms

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  • John Deere DB120 Planter

    After we saw strips where the corn wasn’t growing as well. That’s when we called CFI. I’ve known CFI my entire life and I knew they would help me. That’s when we switched everything to IF tires to run lower inflation.

    • Lowell Garrett

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  • Fast and Reliable Service

    I wouldn't call anyone else for tires or service. Their prices and service speak for themselves.

    • Dave Bishop
    • Bishop Farms Ankeny, IA

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  • Custom Options for Ag and Construction

    CFI carries a broad spectrum of anything that we need; anything from a pickup tire, all the way to semi tires, all the way to big float tires for combines, sprayer tires, floats for our sprayer tires. It’s just unlimited.

    • Shawn Adams
    • Adam Valley View Farms

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  • Tracks and Floaters for Lower Compaction

    Having the right equipment for doing custom farming or custom application is an important item in my mind. And they’ve been able to take care of that almost all the years we’ve been in business.”

    • Brandon Diedrich
    • Diedrich Ag

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  • Blue Ridge Farms — Cantua Creek, California

    “CFI has really helped our business because we don’t have to worry about downtime. We’re able to get in and get our stuff done in a timely manner. It’s been a tremendous help for us to have a product that actually does what they say it will do.”

    • Steve Lacy

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  • Service For Every Situation

    “Travis was not afraid to work endlessly on a hot day in a tough situation to get our truck rolling as quickly as possible. I sincerely appreciate his hard work and dedication to his job and CFI Tire.”

    • Howard Roth
    • Bruening Rock Products

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  • John Deere 8520T

    “CFI has helped my business save money by providing us with drive wheels that have saved us downtime and money.”

    • Phil Brooks
    • Sunny Brooks Farm

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  • Great Plains YP-1625 Planter

    “CFI has helped my business because they’ve helped me reduce compaction, which in turn, gives me a larger yield”

    • Bill Chapman
    • Chapman Farms

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  • Superior Service and High-Quality Products

    I would definitely recommend CFI Tire Service to anyone considering any type of tire purchase and would count myself and my family as satisfied customers!”

    • Cathi WJ
    • RV Owner

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  • Alliance 650/65R38 365 R1W Sprayer floats

    We’ve ran Alliance 650/65R38 365 R1W Sprayer floats for the last 4 seasons on our R4038 sprayer as well as our R4038 dry spreader. We’ve seen quite a value in being able to spray and spread fertilizer in very rough conditions. We’ve ran over 50,000 acres and 2000 operator hours with those floats, and seeing about 75% wear left in those tires. We’re very happy with the performance of the Alliance floats, we will continue to see those in our future.

    • Jeff Adams
    • Adam Valley View Farms

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  • Helping Customers Grow

    “CFI has helped grow our company with their technical support, fantastic service, delivery, and inventory.”

    • Dennis Bray
    • Lamar Brothers

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  • Superior Product Knowledge & Availability

    “CFI has been really good on product availability and knowing what products to have, how their parts work and which products work in the best situation. The service has been really good. I order stuff from them one day, and we usually have it the next.”

    • Sandy St John
    • Raben Tire

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