CFI gets races back on track!

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At CFI we pride ourselves on our ability to find the right solution for every situation. For example, we recently had a New Holland dealer with a customer who wanted a tractor to prep a race track before the races. It couldn’t be just any tractor though. This customer wanted a tractor that would leave no marks behind. To accomplish this, we knew that we would need the right kind of tire. A traditional R1 tread wouldn’t work, nor would an R4 industrial tread or an R3 turf tread, both of which would leave blemishes on the track. So, we had to get creative.

After talking it out, our experts decided that rib tires would be the best fit. The I-1 tread pattern was smooth and unaggressive yet provided the traction we needed. At our shop in Des Moines, Iowa, we custom manufactured the wheels used on both the front and rear of the tractor. This allowed us to use a 21.5L-16.1 14-ply I-1 rear tire and wheel setup and a 12.5L-15 10-ply I-1 tire and wheel combo on the front.

Today, the tractor performs admirably. The tires are capable of holding the weight of both the tractor and the rubber laying implement, while leaving minimal disturbance behind.