Taller Tires for Higher Yield

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From the orchards of California to the fields of the Midwest, no two farms are alike. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and often require customized solutions to maximize their potential. 

That’s where CFI Tire comes in. We can provide custom tires and wheels for almost any piece of ag equipment. The John Deere R4045 sprayer, for example, belongs to a customer who was dry spreading urea on 20” field corn post emerge. He contacted CFI to ask if we could provide him with a taller, narrower tire/wheel setup than the 380/105R50 tires that came standard. Naturally, we said yes.

After looking closely at his machinery and operation, our tire experts came up with a 320/125R54 tire and wheel combination that not only raised him 5” on the overall tire height, but also went from 380 section width to a 320 section width. This combo gave him 60mm more tire clearance between his 20” rows than he had with the previous 380s.

As a result, he saw higher yield and better return on his investment. If you need a custom solution, give us a call. CFI is happy to help you find the right tire and wheel combination for your unique setup.