Reducing Soil Compaction In Orchards

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When it comes to tires, CFI has a solution for every situation. Recently a customer came to us with a growing problem. He had a Kubota M9000 tractor that he wanted to use in his truffle orchard for mowing and deep tillage. Unfortunately, his existing tire setup was not ideal. The machine had 9.5-20 front tires and 420/85R24 rear tires, which left behind deep ruts and compacted soil.

To reduce the soil compaction and boost yield in the orchard, CFI outfitted his tractor with new 600/50-22.5 Alliance 328 flotation tires on the rear and 12-16.5 Kenda R4 tires on the front. This increased his tire width by 39 percent and 26 percent on the rear and front, respectively. We also built custom wheels to maximize the machine’s performance on the job.

When all was said and done, these changes allowed our customer to use the tractor how he wanted without ruining his soil. That’s what we call a successful CFI solution!