Reduce Soil Disturbance When Cultivating Sugarcane Fields

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In southern Louisiana, sugar cane is more than a crop — it’s a way of life. And from Lafayette to Baton Rouge, growers are always looking for ways to boost their yield. That’s why many equipment dealers turn to CFI. One of our customers came to us recently and told the team that his grower was trying something new. Rather than growing sugar cane in the traditional six-foot row spacing, he had decided to experiment with eight-foot rows.

 During harvest, the grower used his usual deep tread Goodyear 520/85R46 R2s on his John Deere 6215R tractor to gain traction in the wet and muddy soil. But when it came time to cultivate the field, he wanted a change. Instead of sticking with the taller and skinnier Goodyears, he wanted a tire solution that would eliminate the deep ruts that occurred during harvesting. With six-foot rows, wider tires would not have been an option. However, the grower’s new eight-foot rows gave him the space he needed to make a change.

The CFI team got to work right away. We conducted a thorough review of his operation and recommended that the customer implement the Alliance IF 900/60R38. With increased width and lower inflation levels, the IF 900/60R38 minimizes compaction and disruption while leaving behind a wider footprint in the soil. We’re happy to say that the grower accepted our recommendation and enjoyed a better cultivated field without the deep ruts!

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