Rogator RG1300 Sprayer | Alliance 372 VF710/70r38

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With locations across Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota, Zieglar CAT is a longstanding partner that trusts CFI to provide the right tires and wheels for every piece of equipment. When one of their customers needed different tires for a Rogator RG1300 sprayer, they knew we would have a solution.

The customer typically experiences wet conditions while spraying pre-emerge chemicals on their field. And the OEM 380/90r46 tires the sprayer was equipped with left deep ruts in the field after application. To improve field conditions in wet soil condition, we suggested a different tire and wheel package.

CFI provided Ziegler CAT with an Alliance 372 VF710/70r38 flotation tire and wheel package to not only give the sprayer a wider footprint and reduce soil compaction but to also enhance the machine’s performance. In the end, the Alliance 372 VF710/70r38s eliminated the ruts, provided a better performance and elevated yield. Our solution made the grower happy, and the dealer was satisfied with our help.