Providing Stability on Sidehills

Lawn care may feel like a chore, and many who care for large swaths of land know that all equipment isn’t made equal. However, a freshly cut bed of grass can feel more like a challenge tackled if you have the proper equipment.

One customer at Martin Sullivan John Deere in Aledo, Illinois, was searching for a way to not only make mowing easier but also safer. After purchasing a John Deere 5065E tractor from Martin Sullivan John Deere, he noticed the factory tire and wheel setup didn’t provide enough stability to safely mow the steep hills on his property.

CFI knew that adding duals to the tractor would offer enough side-to-side stability to ensure the customer wouldn’t tip the machine over when riding along the side of a hill. Our custom solution included adding Goodyear 16.9-24 R4 rear tires and matching the equipment’s original tires that came with clamp style dual wheels.

We made this customer’s machinery safer while saving money by using the original wheels. Do you or a customer have equipment that just isn’t cutting it? We can find a solution that fits your specialty application before the growing season is in full swing. Start a quote today to learn more.