New Holland TS6.120 | Alliance 550

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A humble tractor consigned to the big city has a tough life cut out for it, including mowing grass one day, hauling equipment the next and every odd job in between. Garton Tractor in Fairfield, California, helped a customer purchase a New Holland TS6.120. The customer had previous tractors outfitted with tires that wore out quickly when performing municipality work, so they wanted a better option for their new machine.

CFI knows a thing or two about fitting tractors for heavy-duty, everyday use. When Garton Tractor called us looking for a high-utility tractor tire and wheel combo that would meet their customer’s demanding needs, we had just the solution for them. The tractor never left the lot with the standard R-1 tires on it.

The New Holland would be driving on a variety of surfaces, so improving ride quality, traction and puncture resistance across the board was essential. We landed on one of the best multi-use tires in our portfolio: the Alliance 550. We set up the dealer with a pair of 360/80R24 on the front and 440/80R34 on the rear and included a set of custom-built wheels to accommodate the additional weight of the flail mower.

 When all was said and done, CFI had delivered a solution that would provide years of sound traction and strength on grass, pavement or dirt, and stand up to whatever challenges city life presented. If your dealership works with municipalities, make sure to let them know you’ve got it covered — and then contact CFI to discuss the perfect wheel, tire or track solution.