Massey Ferguson 6713 | Alliance 230/R95R32 & 48

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California is home to a vast agriculture industry and produces much of our domestic output of fresh vegetables. The growers who make this possible rely on their machines almost year-round for their livelihoods, and often need custom solutions to match their unique crops and farming needs. One such vegetable grower went to San Joaquin Tractor in Bakersfield, California, with a Massey Ferguson 6713 that needed to be outfitted to meet a very specific request.

To avoid damaging the produce, the grower’s tractor needed to fit within a narrow row on 80-inch spacing and ride above the height of the mature crop. San Joaquin Tractor reached out to CFI with the request, and we got to work with a made-to-order package.

We started by manufacturing a custom wheel set that would be compatible with the 6713. We added new spacers to meet the row and width requirements, changed the center and added new tire sets, with Alliance 230/95R32 on the front and Alliance 230/95R48 on the rear. To bring it all together, we finished the wheel set with a coat of Massey Ferguson OEM gray paint.

San Joaquin Tractor was so pleased they decided to keep the exact same setup in stock for use on their rental tractor. To help their team go the extra distance for their customers, gave them a number of spacers they could use to accommodate various row spacings, ensuring that other vegetable growers in the area would have a ready-made solution for their crop at a moment’s notice.

With the 6713 working exactly as requested and looking as good as new, everybody was satisfied. Despite the many variables, CFI helped this customer get the exact solution they needed. Regardless of your crop or cultivation needs, we can help you (or your customers) do the same.