Helping Customers Meet Width Requirements

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When you’ve been in the tire business for as long as we have, you learn how to handle just about anything. So when a customer approached us looking for help moving his Challenger CH1050 across California, we were happy to find a solution.

The issue in this case wasn’t about performance. It was about width. The tractor’s previous dual tire setup utilized 750/75R46 rears and 650/65R38 fronts, which put the tractor just under 15 feet. Naturally, this created problems when it came to transporting the machine over the road. The customer would have needed to obtain a transport permit everytime the customer wanted to move it and this makes life difficult.

To fix this, CFI equipped the Challenger with Titan LSW tires and wheels. Our experts put 1100/35R32 tires on the front and 1250/35R46 tires on the rear, reducing the width to under 12 feet! This setup allowed the customer to avoid special permits and still provide enough flotation when running in the field.