Kubota M7060 | Cultor 320/70R24 & Alliance 320/85R38

Narrow Tires for Row Cropping Applications

America’s growers and ag dealers know better than anyone that row cropping isn’t easy — aside from field prep, seeding, nutrient regimens, unpredictable weather and precise timing to make it all work, there’s the equipment you need to get it done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

That’s where CFI helps growers and dealers shine. Take this recent example: a grower in Bakersfield, California, went to Berchtold Equipment looking for a solution his new Kubota M7060 tractor that had OEM tires much too wide for the row spacing he wanted to use the tractor in. The grower knew that if he switched to a narrower set, his yield would look that much better come harvest. 

CFI partnered with Berchtold to fit the Kubota with a new package better suited for his row spacing. When all was said and done, instead of the OEM 9.5-24s and 16.9-30 tires, the tractor was set up with brand-new Cultor 320/70R24 tires on the front and Alliance 320/85R38 tires on the rear. According to Berchtold sales representative Gary Brown, the customer was immensely pleased with how the narrow tires fit and performed in the field.

CFI is the expert when it comes to tires of any shape or size, so if you need a solution that’s perfect for any machine or application under the sun, you know who to call.