John Deere 644K | Alliance 375 1000/50R25

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CFI is used to solving flotation issues in even the wettest conditions, so when a John Deere construction dealer came to us with a unique need, we were more than ready to make a splash with our solution.

The dealer, Martin Equipment in northeast Iowa, had just sold a John Deere 644K Wheel Loader to a client at a water treatment facility. The machine would be used to drive directly into sediment ponds to remove lime used during the treatment process, which would then go to local farmers for use as a fertilizer. Because the sediment at the bottom of the ponds was so soft, the client needed extra-large flotation tires that would allow him to perform the job more efficiently while reducing ruts in the underwater aggregate.

The new loader came with narrow L3 tires from the factory that just wouldn’t do the trick. But with CFI diving deep to help our dealer complete the sale, we recommended a set of Alliance 375 1000/50R25 — a low-pressure, high-volume tire typically used on larger harvesters and spreaders.

After CFI delivered the set and saw it installed, the only person happier than the customer was the dealer, Nate: “It looks great! Fit is awesome,” Nate said. “We didn’t need to put articulation stops in for the center or the rear axle … everything cleared! Thanks for all your help in making this happen.”

We were happy to help Martin Equipment go the distance for their customer, and at the end of the day, another job well done was its own reward. Thank you, Nate, for letting us do what we do best.