John Deere 5125ML | Alliance 328 I-3 Tires

Reducing Ride Height in Almond and Pistachio Orchards

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In the sunny San Joaquin Valley town of Merced, California, CFI dealer Belkorp Ag needed a solution for a local almond and pistachio farmer running a John Deere 5125M tractor with 12.5/80-18 and 19.5L-24 tires. Unfortunately, the standard tire and wheel combination set the machine too high off the ground, increasing the potential of knocking loose valuable product or even damaging the trees’ low-hanging branches.

Belkorp knew exactly who to call. Within hours we had offered a solution for the problem, and several days later delivered a new set of Alliance 328 I-3 tires, fitting 400/60-15.5 on the front and 600/50-22.5 on the rear. Custom wheels (and a slick custom paint job) significantly lowered the ride height, and the customer was testing the streamlined rig within the week.

This wasn’t the first almond and pistachio grower we’ve helped in California, and it certainly won’t be our last. For any tire, wheel or track need for any machine, make or model, contact CFI’s experts to find a solution that works for you.