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CFI helps dealers with tire change overs

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From small 30hp utility tractors to large 600hp machines with four-wheel drive, CFI can help you with almost any tractor tire changeover. Recently, for example, our team helped a local dealer with an important trade-in at his operation. The dealership was working with a tractor that came straight from the factory with 480/80R50 duals on the rear and 420/85R34 duals on the front.

Though some growers might be able to use this setup, our team knew that the new 8400R would perform better with more tire on the ground. To accomplish this, CFI provided the dealer with a set of 710/70R42 rear duals and a 600/70R30 front dual setup to put more power into the ground and gain better traction in the field. As a result, the dealer sold the upgraded equipment and ultimately boosted their bottom line. 

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