CAT 415F | Alliance 328 I-3 Tires

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In Oxnard, California, the Quinn Company had a customer with a sensitive issue: The CAT 415F backhoe loader they used to dig graves was damaging turf in the cemetery where it was used. The CAT’s 12.5/80-18 and 19.5L-24 tires were not only uprooting and rutting the turf and soil, but the damage was difficult and costly to correct, unsightly for visitors and a potential safety hazard.

The Quinn Company turned to CFI for a solution. Our experts recommended replacing the current setup with tires and wheels that are significantly wider and much less aggressive. After providing custom-built and painted wheels that would accommodate new sets of 400/55-22.5 on the front and 800/45-26.5 on the rear in the Alliance 328 I-3 tread pattern, CFI found the tire shape and tread pattern more than doubled foot print on the ground. The result was complete elimination of ruts and turf damage. The CAT backhoe loader and the customer were back in business, saving time, money and performing to their highest standards. CFI tire has solved similar problems with this proven this tire and wheel setup, including in sod farms, golf courses municipalities and parks.  See a similar solution at

Scenarios like this are among CFI’s favorite to work on, allowing us to test our ability to provide solutions across a huge variety of industries and uses. Whatever your customers’ tire, wheel or track needs may be, CFI is here to remove the hassle from selling by providing affordable, timely and long-lasting solutions — just give our experts a call to see how we can help.