Case Patriot 4420 Sprayer | Alliance 550 Multi-use 650/65R38

A dealer at Ag West Distribution in Moses Lake, Washington, came to his CFI dealer with a handful of problems he hoped we could solve. When his customer was using his Case Patriot 4420 sprayer, the grower noticed excessive soil compaction in his wheat and hay plots, which led to stunted crops and smaller yields. And while on the road, the ride was rough and the tires seemed to be running flat.

The last thing we want is for our customers’ growers to experience losses because of the incorrect equipment on their machines, so we leapt into action to diagnose the issue and offer a solution that would correct both problems at once.

CFI upgraded his machine with a new tire and wheel package that would perform better and last longer. That meant replacing the existing 380/90R46 R-1w set with new 650/65R38 Alliance 550 multi-use tires. The immediate effect was a smoother pavement ride, while over time the incorporated steel belts helped minimize flats and kept the tires rolling in peak shape.

During a follow-up conversation with CFI, the dealer reported the wider stance of the Alliance 550s significantly reduced soil compaction and aided in floatation to prevent the crushing of crops. The resulting increased yield made the new tire set well worth the investment, and as always, we were happy to help.