Case Magnum 310 | Goodyear 420/85R38 & 480/95R50

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Like many of our solutions, this one was designed to accomplish a specific task — and then go the extra mile to save the customer time and money when conditions or needs change.

 Booth Machinery in California was approached by a customer with a need to carve irrigation ditches for his cotton fields, and then re-fill and change them throughout the season. The tires on his Case Magnum 310 tractor, which were the factory-provided tires, put the machine too low to the ground.

Wanting to find tires that would allow their customer to navigate 90-inch row spacing and not get bogged down in the raised dirt, Booth Machinery called upon CFI to recommend a set that would fulfill the grower’s needs. Our solution was to replace the original 600/65R28s on the front and 620/70R42 on the rear with Goodyear 420/85R38s and 480/95R50, respectively, raising ride height of the tractor an extra four to five inches.

 We used adjustable wheels, enabling the tractor to be set up in any row crop application. Also, the single rear tires provided are a VF – 176D speed and weight-rated tire, allowing the grower to use a high variety of implements and creating extra versatility.

Providing solutions for any tire, track or wheel need is how we help grow your sales and keep your customers rolling, no matter what year, make or model of machine they use. If your team has been approached with a unique challenge, CFI can help find the right solution (or two). Contact a CFI expert to get started.