CFI Offers You Superior Ag Track Solutions

from 16” to 36” with the Continental Trackman products. Our goal every day is to keep your track machines in the field and running seamlessly with great quality and proven components. Trackman agricultural tracks provide consistent, excellent traction and reduced ground pressure. Trackman tracks are manufactured as a one-piece track with a compound that has been created to significantly increase durability and reduce slippage both in contact with the ground and with the undercarriage rollers. This reduces fuel consumption and improves efficiency.

Trackman agricultural tracks are available as Standard Ag or Ultra Ag with strong features to fit every financial plan.

Standard Ag Tracks

  • 1.25” Carcass Thickness
  • 2” Tread Lug Height
  • 6” Track Pitch
  • Galvanized Cables
  • Improved Wire Plies

Ultra Ag Tracks

  • 1.5” Carcass Thickness
  • 2.75” Tread Lug Height
  • 9” Track Pitch
  • Galvanized Cables
  • Improved Wire Plies

Contact CFI today at (888) 980-1213 to learn more. With Trackman from Continental, you get more traction for your business.