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  • Alliance 650/65R38 Special Sale!

    Alliance 650/65R38 Special Sale!

    Alliance 365 is an extra wide agricultural tractor drive radial tire for sprayer applications. It is characterized by increased load capacity for the same inflation pressure. Low inflation pressure combined with large footprint reduces soil compaction.

    A special stubble guard tread rubber compound contributes to long and efficient work on sprayers. The tire traction efficiency is increased by an effective traction/slip characteristic. Low angled lugs at the shoulder area improve traction, while higher angles around the tire center line improve ride comfort.

    Strong radial construction with reinforced beads and sidewalls provide long tire life.

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  • Firestone Go Harvest Rewards

    Firestone Go Harvest Rewards

    Now through September 30 any end user customer or CFI Firestone associate dealers' customer who buys two or more Firestone Ag tires is eligible for these instant discount. Some tires offer a larger discounts:

    $25 off Destination Farm radial tires

    $100 off eligible radial and bias tires

    $200 off eligible harvest AD2 radial tires and flotation tires

    Associate dealers will have to submit reimbursement forms online or by mail for their customers. CFI will fill out reimbursement forms for end user customer purchases

    Submission form deadline is October 15, 2018

    Click below to download a list of eligible tires


  • MICHELIN® AG “Big yield” Instant Rebate Promotion

    MICHELIN® AG “Big yield” Instant Rebate Promotion

    Now through September 30, end-user customers are eligible to take advantage of MICHELIN® AG tires “Big Yield” instant rebate program! This program’s instant rebate is applied directly to your invoice by the dealer at the time of purchase. There is no limit on how many tires you can purchase under this rebate promotion, so the more you buy, the more you save!

    Save $80 per tire on select MICHELIN® and KLÉBER® AG tires

    Save $100 per tire on select MICHELIN® AG tires

    Save $150 per tire on select MICHELIN® tires with Ultraflex Technology

    Save $200 per tire on MICHELIN® YieldBib™ tires with Ultraflex Technology

    Terms and conditions apply. See local sales representative for details. Purchase must be completed by September 30, 2018. End-user customers only.

    Click below to download a complete list of eligible tires.