Are your ag tires properly inflated?

Now that most growers have changed their sprayers from flotation to standard narrow radial tires, proper air pressure is extremely critical to avoid excessive soil compaction.

Below is a great blog excerpt by Trent Wallin from Alliance Tire Group. He has some great tips regarding proper inflation of your sprayer tires:

  • Know your load. Proper inflation pressure takes into account load and speed. You need to know how much your tractor or sprayer weighs—loaded—to set the proper inflation pressure. Once you know that (don’t forget to account for the fact that UAN solution weighs 11 pounds per gallon and water weighs 8 pounds), check your tire’s inflation pressure chart for the right target. Or call your tire dealer for advice on the proper pressure.
  • Run your tire on dry gravel and look at the tread. Does the dust extend all the way to the shoulders of the tire, or is it concentrated towards the middle of the tread? That will show you where you’re wearing your tread. The dust should be visible all the way from edge to edge—if you see a band of dust down the center of the tread, you’re overinflated.
  • Look at the edge of the tire on the ground. When the machine is fully loaded, are the shoulders of the tire’s lugs resting on the surface, or are they lifted off (even a little)? If they’re lifted off the road or lot, you’re overinflated and you’re not putting the full footprint on the road or soil.

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