Since day one, CFI has been a family company and that hasn’t changed. Meet the experts who work to give you the very best in tires, wheels and track solutions. No matter what your profession, they’re ready to help.

  • Stuart Berardi

    Stuart Berardi

    Chief Operating Officer

    Chief Operating Officer Stuart Berardi has been with CFI for most of his life. From changing tires in the Dixon shop at the age of 14 to driving trucks for on-site service, he has done it all. Today in his role as COO, Stuart oversees virtually every aspect of the company to ensure that our customers get the very best in service and product. As CFI moves forward, he’ll continue to push the principle his grandfather taught him as a boy, “Stu, no matter what happens, the customer is always right.”

  • Steve Berardi

    Steve Berardi

    Director of Engineering, Board of Directors

    A Des Moines, Iowa, native, Steve Berardi works hand in hand with his family to give CFI customers the very best. Steve's extensive technical knowledge of the industry puts him in a unique position to solve almost any problem for our customers. For 22 years, Steve has been helping CFI customers get the most out of their tires, wheels and tracks, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

  • Jeremy Berardi

    Jeremy Berardi

    Retail General Manager, Board of Directors

    As general manager of the retail division, Jeremy Berardi does a little bit of everything. From taking care of customers to hiring sales people and developing new business strategies, he plays an essential role in our company’s daily operation. For Jeremy, it’s not about the money. It’s about building a positive experience for the people who depend on CFI. Since day one, Jeremy has been making sure customers get the tires and service they need to get the job done right.

  • Dan Berardi

    Dan Berardi

    Wholesale Sales Manager, Board of Directors

    When it comes to solving problems, Dan Berardi has plenty of experience. He was here when CFI first opened its doors in 1995 and has been here ever since. With so much knowledge, it’s only natural that when a customer has a problem, they turn to Dan. Whether it’s finding the perfect track for an older model machine or servicing a tire for a custom fit, he knows the business inside and out.

  • Tim Berardi

    Tim Berardi

    Ottumwa General Manager, Board of Directors

    CFI is a family operation. It always has been and always will be, and nobody knows that better than Tim Berardi. As general manager of our Ottumwa location, Tim relies on his close family ties to help customers with their problems. Many of the farmers that CFI serves are from family businesses as well, so they can relate to strong bonds in business. Tim has a saying that sums up his working philosophy best, “This job is about more than money. It’s about trust, friendship and family.”

  • Roy Diener

    Roy Diener

    National Sales Manager, Chairman of the Board

    As the newest member of the CFI family, Roy Diener brings energy and passion to his job as national sales manager. Based in San Antonio, Roy partners with sales team members to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the company. He loves working with customers, and prides himself on creating lasting relationships with good people. Though he may not be a Berardi, Roy is definitely one of the family.

  • Nick Holt

    Nick Holt

    West Region Manager

    CFI Tire is an outgrowth of Holt Tire Service, which Nick’s great-grandfather, Leonard Holt, founded back in 1927. Leonard Holt and Harvey Firestone, both pneumatic tire visionaries, reimagined the future of rubber tires. Throughout the 1900s, Holt Tire service continued to grow and expand. In 1955, Nick’s great uncle Ben Berardi immigrated to Des Moines and joined the family business. In 1993, the business split into two parts: the Holts’ part became Hilltop Tire Service, and the Berardi’s part became Commercial, Farm and Industrial tires (CFI).

    Nick was born and raised in Tennessee, and moved to California in the early 1990s and worked for a different family business, Maconworth Ltd., until 2010 when he joined his cousins, the Berardis, at CFI Tire, where he is now the west region manager. Nick feels honored to be able to continue his great-grandfather’s tradition of innovation and integrity and his great uncle’s tradition of hard work and customer satisfaction. His prime objective is to assist in providing proven solutions to our clients every day. His dedication drives him to work 10–12 hour days, often overtime. His organizational skills, attention to detail, creative approach and depth of business knowledge are indispensable to our West Regional office.

  • Todd Senne

    Todd Senne

    Marketing Director

    When it comes to communicating with a customer, no one is better at it than Todd Senne. With more than 25 years of experience in marketing, Todd works tirelessly to bring CFI’s service to as many people as possible. Whether they’re implement dealers, wholesalers or industrial clients, he remains committed to helping them connect with our family company.