Since day one, CFI has been a family company and that hasn’t changed. Meet the experts who work to give you the very best in tires, wheels and track solutions. No matter what your profession, they’re ready to help.

  • Danny Berardi

    Danny Berardi

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Jeremy Berardi

    Jeremy Berardi

    General Manager

  • Tim Jackson

    Tim Jackson

    Distribution Route Driver

  • Tom Brown

    Tom Brown

    Service Technician

  • Alan Olson

    Alan Olson

    Distribution City Driver

  • Philip Berardi

    Philip Berardi

    Purchasing Manager

  • Owen Smallridge

    Owen Smallridge

    Receiving Team Lead

  • Neil Berardi

    Neil Berardi

    Service Technician

  • Todd Senne

    Todd Senne

    Marketing Director

  • Stuart Berardi

    Stuart Berardi

    Management Team Leader

  • Jim Godron

    Jim Godron

    Inside Salesman

  • Kyle Berardi

    Kyle Berardi

    Retail Sales Manager

  • John Medina

    John Medina

    Location Manager

  • Ray Smallridge

    Ray Smallridge

    Inside Salesman

  • Andrew Clark

    Andrew Clark

    Service Manager

  • Nate Kemmer

    Nate Kemmer

    IT Director

  • Roy Diener

    Roy Diener

    Sales Manager

  • Matt McCormick

    Matt McCormick

    IT Support

  • Jessica Berardi

    Jessica Berardi

    Sales Assistant

  • Alan Abuhl

    Alan Abuhl

    IT Report Writer

  • Travis Berardi

    Travis Berardi

    Customer Service Representative

  • Bryon Kemmer

    Bryon Kemmer

    Shipping Team Lead

  • Mony Robinson

    Mony Robinson

    Manufacturing Support

  • Caleb Brandhagen

    Caleb Brandhagen

    Warehouse Manager

  • Clint Berardi

    Clint Berardi

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Ken Seed

    Ken Seed

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Bud Jobe

    Bud Jobe

    Inside Salesman

  • William Sage

    William Sage


  • Wayne Gibson

    Wayne Gibson

    Wholesale and Plant Manager

  • Tami Edwards

    Tami Edwards

    Human Resources

  • Nick Holt

    Nick Holt

    Location Manager

  • Adam Brown

    Adam Brown

    Production Manager

  • Art Cagunot

    Art Cagunot

    OTR Technician

  • Steve Berardi

    Steve Berardi

    Inside Salesman

  • Andrew McLaren

    Andrew McLaren

    Retread Technician

  • Susan Edwards

    Susan Edwards

    Sales Assistant

  • Tom Taggart

    Tom Taggart


  • Leon Jensen

    Leon Jensen

    OTR Technician

  • Mike Lewis

    Mike Lewis

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Manuel Cruz-Ramirez

    Manuel Cruz-Ramirez

    Shop Technician

  • TJ Medina

    TJ Medina

    Customer Service Representative

  • Tim Berardi

    Tim Berardi


  • Laura Berardi

    Laura Berardi

    Purchasing Agent

  • Victor Wilson

    Victor Wilson

    RMI Wheel Technician

  • Joe Berardi

    Joe Berardi

    Distribution Manager