Family owned since 1927, Holt Tire — the predecessor to present day CFI Tire — was the brainchild of Iowa entrepreneur Leonard Holt. Leonard built the business on the belief that their customers deserved a better kind of tire. At the time, most American farmers relied on steel wheels to support their work in the fields, but steel was heavy and many struggled to purchase the expensive wheels. So, with his friend and business associate Harvey Firestone, Leonard introduced rubber AG tires to help customers get better results. Some folks called them crazy, but Harvey and Leonard held firm. They ran a test to prove their theory: two tractors, two gallons of gas and one question. Which will pull farther — rubber or steel? You can probably guess what happened. The rest, as they say, is history.


New Facility

The original Holt Tire Service premises were getting too small for the business, so in 1994 a new 14,500 square foot facility on two acres is purchased at 2601 Dixon Street in Des Moines, Iowa.

January 2, 1995

Grand Opening

CFI Tire Service opens its doors under the ownership and management of Ben Berardi and sons, cousins and longtime partners of the Holt family business. CFI's primary focus was to serve the commercial, agricultural and industrial segments of the retail tire market in central Iowa.


The Addition

CFI Tire adds an adjoining one-acre parcel with a 4,000 square foot building to house the growing industrial division and truck suspension shop.


New Site on East Walnut

CFI Tire purchases 2041 East Walnut Street, an eight-acre site with a 34,000 square foot building to increase storage capacity for the rapidly expanding agricultural division.


Remanufacturing Shop

CFI Tire adds a wheel remanufacturing shop to the facility on East Walnut Street.


Commercial Truck Tires

CFI Tire begins to retread commercial truck tires at the East Walnut facility.


East Walnut Expansion

CFI Tire expands the East Walnut facility in Des Moines to include OTR tire and ag track undercarriage wheel retreading.


Indoor Storage Facility

CFI Tire purchases a 230,000 sq. ft. indoor storage facility on 13 acres at 1701 East Euclid in Des Moines.


Going West

CFI Tire expands to the west coast by merging with MaconWorth Ltd., a tire company owned by Leonard Holt's grandchildren. This provided access to a full line of turf, ATV and trailer tires.


Expanding to Ottumwa

CFI Tire expands to a new full-service tire center in Ottumwa, Iowa, strategically located at the intersection of U.S. Highways 63 and 34.



CFI's wholesale division has three strategic locations allowing us to ship across the U.S. and Canada.

CFI Tire Service Today

In the nearly 90 years since our company was founded, the world has changed. Thousands of other tire companies have popped up, and the word “quality” is overused and under delivered. But here at CFI, our family values remain the same. We still deliver superior service with honesty and integrity. And we still provide the most advanced tire, wheel and track solutions on the market. With nearly a century’s worth of knowledge and a staff that treats you like family, we promise to keep you rolling.